About Firuze Dogru Legal Consultancy and Its Services

Firuze Dogru Legal Consultancy is located in London. I have 5 years of former experience with UNHCR Turkey and my area of profession was dealing with detention cases of individuals and advocacy for rights and services available for individuals. 

Firuze Dogru Legal Consultancy also provides services to customers in Turkish, English for the following matters;
· Legal supervision of a commercial activity conducted in the Turkish legal environment 
· Preparation of legal risk analysis for different business segments in Turkey
 · Turkey legally existing risks and investors who want to operate on developments give written and verbal advice 
· Turkish laws applicable to health management and conflict resolution of a labour agreement made by the parties operating in Turkey
· Legal advice on taxation issues in Turkey. 
· Asset sales contracts in Turkey, franchise agreements, mergers, corporate acquisitions, public investments, preparation of binding agreements on joint ventures and acquisitions. 
· Consultancy on matters such as aviation fraud, disputes arising from contracts, economic tort, financial products, collateral, indemnities and sureties, insurance claims, international commercial disputes, warranty claims and litigation cases.
· Consultancy on property investment · Preparation of business project analysis for different business segments in the UK 
· Financial consultancy on business investment in the UK

Firuze Dogru Legal Consultancy will deliver you the best standard of service and provide you full of clear information for the process and position of your matter.

About me

After leaving United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ (UNHCR) with the full of well-versed 5 years of experience, I have decided to establish my own business in London.
To mention briefly, I was a scholarship law student in Cag University /Mersin and graduated in June 2014 Turkey.  
I am very familiar with being responsible for a number of groups and project also provided consultation to the people voluntarily as much as I can, including Rotaract ,Asylum Justice Office /Swansea/ UK, the local ELSA chapter of Mersin. I had human rights lectures in university and what I have learned about human law; especially women and children abuses was the result of me to take action and started to provide consultation to the people. I was in the UK for summers, I found out Asylum Justice System Office, then started to work there  voluntarily. I have provided consultation to refugees with their residence, health and job subjects. I was contacting with related public authorities for them to get them a job, residence or for any other subjects they needed. I was also researching for their legal status by comparison between EU and UK Law.



After completion of my legal internship as I was working with a law firm for 1 year, I joined to a law firm in Istanbul Turkey to work at the area of drafting contracts at the area of Energy Law.
I was participating in the meetings to represent our client in the power plant and transmission line siting process regulated by three parties in Iraq and Macedonia. My responsibility was to negotiate and prepare provisions of the contract for the joint hydroelectric power plant company including power purchase agreements, leases and supply agreements with vendors. I was also providing strategic considerations for renewable energy projects and assisted to the identification of strategic partners for the development of the projects. In addition to that, I was also searching for international law regulations and communicating with a foreign lawyer to ensure provisions of the contract is in compliance with national and international legal provisions.

I joined to UNHCR on 2015, during my 4 years of employment in UNHCR in addition to work experience at past; I have provided legal assistance and assist to reach legal aid to persons of concerns to UNHCR with explaining them context and solutions of decisions given by authorities such as their registration problem with authorities, withdrawal decisions, rejection decisions and deportation, create awareness among the asylum seekers and refugees to empower them should they face any particular protection problem orders. Moreover, reviewing their legal problems and giving advising to them with considering their life and circumstances when I alerted by other colleagues during their interview or counseling.

As a Protection Associate with Detention Team of Protection Unit at same operation; I was responsible for centralizing and streamlining system for capturing information related to detention to improve trend analysis and reporting, monitoring the security and safety of persons of concern to UNHCR and acts to ensure access to asylum procedure for cases in removal centers, prevent arbitrary arrest, detention through speedy, timely, well-judged and argued actions/interventions. I was also conducting visits to Removal Centers which persons of concerns.



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